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Lecture annoucement:Biofuels: an answer to the energy challenges?
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Biofuels : an answer to the energy challenges?

Jean-Marie BOTTE: Fuel research and development coordinator and engineers in TOTAL Group (One of the four largest petrochemical company in the world), with a wealth of knowledge and experience in fuel production and R&D, fuel production machinery, fuel engine and Group standardization.

Abstract: In response to the traditional energy shortages and global climate change, the world began increasing development of biofuels. So what are the characteristics of first-generation biofuels that come from agricultural surpluses? Why it is essential to launch ambitions Research and Development programs to develop biofuels processes based on lignocellulosic materials nowadays? What are the prospects and challenges that third-generation biofuels such as marine macroalgae and microalgae will face with?

The lecture will focus on the development and perspective of biofuels and discuss how biofuel will deal with today’s energy problems.

19:00-21:00(admission 10 minutes earlier)

27th May, 2013

217 lecture hall, West 5 Building


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