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Agenda of ICARE VT for Entrepreneurs and CEOs from Xian Ning City
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Agenda of ICARE VT for Entrepreneurs and CEOsfrom Xian Ning City


Training topics: Project developments and investmentopportunities in renewable energy industries

Time: 19h00 – 21h30, May 31, 2013 (Friday)

时间: 2013年5月31日19h00 – 21h30

Location: Lecture Hall 217, Xiwu Building, ICARE

地点:华中科技大学西五楼 (ICARE大楼) 217会议厅

Participants: about 60 Entrepreneurs and CEOs from theimportant enterprises in Xian Ning City.

参加人员: 咸宁市骨干企业领导及高管代表团

19h00 – 19h20 Welcome address and Introductions to ICARE


19h20 – 20h20 Lecture by the Chief Engineer of WuhanRixin Solar Company, main topics on Building Integrated Photovoltaics.

特邀武汉日新科技公司总工程师讲课, 主题: 太阳能光伏建筑一体化

20h20 – 20h30 Questions and Answers


20h30 – 21h20 Lecture by the Chief Engineer of HubeiDesign Institute of Electricity, main topics on hybrid energy system of windenergy, solar energy and biomass energy.

特邀湖北电力勘察设计院主任设计师讲课, 主题: 太阳能、风能、生物质能组合式能源系统.

21h20 – 21h30 Questions and Answers


21h30 End


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