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Lecture anouncement: Energy-mix transition in France
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Energy-mixtransition in France: energy efficiency and development of renewable energy

François MOISANExecutive Director of Strategy, Research andInternational Affairs and Scientific Director of ADEME, a public agency incharge of implementing French policies in the field of energy efficiency,renewable energy and environment.

Abstract: Regarding energy efficiency, the construction andbuilding sector is the first priority, but the optimization of mobility schemes(transportation) should also contribute to it. Among various sources ofrenewable energies, biomass offers major perspectives for heat production (combustionand co-generation) as well as wind and solar-PV for electricity. The impact ofthe decisions taken on the cost, investment but also growth and employment area key issue. The European Union dimension into which the French energytransition is to take place will be presented.

15:00-17:00(admission10 minutes earlier)

4th July, 2013

217lecture hall, West 5 Building


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