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[Conference]The 3rd edition of “Emerging Trends in Energy Conservation – ETEC 2014”
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The Third edition of “Emerging Trends in Energy Conservation – ETEC 2014” international conference is held in association with many universities,private industry,and government agencies of the region. The conference is held at Tehran University,2nd and 3rd of March 2014.

The main objectives of this conference is to introduce estate of the art in energy engineering and conservation in certain industry fields such as:
  • Oil,Gas & Petrochemicals
  • Power Utilities
  • Construction and Building materials
  • Heavy industries (Steel,Cement,Others)
  • Car manufacturing
The organizers hope to assist prominent industry managers,high level government policy makers and specialized academics to come together and update their knowledge and understanding regarding energy conservation issues.

The Articles recived by the conference will go through a peer review process and the selected article will be published in
relevant international journals.
The approach of conference is to stay as practical as possible. Therefore,in addition to presenting a limited number of selected papers,Key government decision makers (minister’s level),international experts and government representatives,major industry owners and executives,and prominent academic experts are invited to take part in several panel discussions. Industry Related workshops will also be planned.
Alongside the conference,an exhibition is held. Government agencies and Private firms will be invited to participate in the exhibition to display their advances in Energy Conservation. There is also a section allocated to international companies to provide engineering solutions and technological products.
The topics are:
  • Using innovative technology to improve the efficiency of Oil,Gas and Petrochemical Industries
  • Minimizing the loss of electrical energy in transmission
  • Energy,Economy and future strategies
  • Energy and productivity in heavy industries
  • The use of agriculture waste and bio mass in energy production
  • Nationally appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs)
  • Renewable and economic energy
  • Distributed electrical power generation
  • CHP and Micro CHPs
  • Global approach to Engineering,Energy and Environment,3E
  • Green building
The Ministry of Oil,Gas and Petrochemicals
Tehran University
Economic Cooperation Organization (International cooperation among 7 Asian Countries) ECO
The ministry of Oil,Gas and petrochemicals
Confederation of Iranian Industries (a confederation of more than 70 Industrial NGOs)
Address :4th Floor,No. 40,Khoddami Ave.,
Vanak Square,Tehran,Iran
Telephone : +98 - 021 - 88651346
Fax: +98 - 021 - 88651347
Email: info@etec.ir

For more information please visit our website at: www.etec.ir/en


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