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[Conference]Energy storage: a paramount importance in renewable energies growth
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Energy storage: a paramount importance in renewable energies growth

Olivier TELLERMr. Olivier Teller holds a master’s degree in Mechanics and Physics from the Universite de Liege in Belgium,and an MBA from Cranfield University in the UK. He is the Product Director of Alstom for Pumped Hydro Storage Plants. Olivier Teller is also the program manager for the eStorage Project In addition, a board member of EASE, Super Grid Institute and a member of the advisory board for the U.S. department of Energy’s Pumped Storage Summit.

Abstract:The development of renewable generation induces a higher variability on the electricity system. The balancing areas have now to cope with uncertainty both form the consumption side and production side. Additional electricity generation flexibility is therefore required. Energy Storage is one of the solutions to bring this flexibility to the network. Pumped Hydro Storage Plant is the only available mature technology providing electricity storage. Alstom Hydro is the market leader for providing pumped hydro storage plants equipment. Alstom has recently equiped most of the new Pumped Hydro Storage plants developed in China and has just inaugurated its world largest hydro equipment manufacturing site in TianJin.

The presentation will address the following topics:

· Alstom activities in China;

· The complementarity between intermittent generation and pumped hydro storage will be explained;

· The latest technology of Variable Speed pumped hydro storage plant will be presented.

Key Words: Pumped Hydro Storage, New Energy Language: English

19:00-21:00p.m.(admission 10 minutes earlier) 27thNov., 2013

217 lecture hall, West 5 Building


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