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[Conference]Wuhan Greenhouse Gases Emissions Assessment
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Chinese-French environmental cooperation project

-Wuhan Greenhouse Gases Emissions Assessment

Julia Feste: Miss Julia Feste, French environmental engineer in charge of the Bilan Carbon adaptation project in Wuhan, Internat Energy Solutions Co., also in charge of coordinating the environmental project between the two twin cities Bordeaux (France) and Wuhan (China) in China Quality Certification. She had the experience of being in charge of straw and hemp construction sector development on the local area( LeNiveau à Bulle), and providing decision support for the use of a building energy simulation software ( White Pavilion). She had a generalistic scientific education then majored in energetic for environment and project management. Both provided her the skills to deal with main environment related issues, on technical and management levels.

Abstract: Green House Gases Emission Assessment is currently a huge matter of concern for the province of Hubei, with the imminent launching of the Emission Trading System, in competition with 6 other provinces and cities of China. The French city "Bordeaux", Wuhan's twin city since 1998, has been chosen to adapt the national French Green House Gases Assessment method called "Bilan Carbone" to the city of Wuhan.

This conference will aim at explaining the most important step in the process: the adaption of the emission factors to local parameters. Through the conference, we will develop the concept of direct and indirect emission, discuss how to select the research perimeter and data sources for the adaption, then we will see how to build localized mathematical formula based on the current project and its very concrete 3 pilot sites.

Key Words: Localization of emission factors

Language: English

14:30-16:30p.m. 15th Apr., 2014(admission 10 minutes earlier)

217 lecture hall, West 5 Building

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