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[Conference]Smart Grid and the future of Smarter, Greener Cities
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  Patrick Schuler has more than a decade of strategic planning, entry strategy, organic and external growth, project management and partnership building experience at Hewlett-Packard in Germany, SIEMENS in the US and Alstom in China. Patrick is dual-degree MBA graduate from HEC Paris and Tsinghua SEM /MIT Sloan in Beijing. He also holds a engineering master degree from ESIEE Paris and speaks French, German, English and Chinese.

  In 2012, Patrick Schuler founded SmartEcoCity contributing to the development of low carbon urban development in China and supporting top entrepreneurs build leading green smart-ups. He is currently responsible in Asia for the portfolio of Idinvest Partners and EDF.

  From 2010 til 2012, he was leading the China Alstom-Bouygues Smart City strategy building the first eco-system of partners and evaluating potential investment targets for Aster Capital (Alstom-Schneider VC fund). He was also chairman Smart Grid at the European Chamber of Commerce in Beijing.


  Smart Grid is fundamentally important for transforming today’s electricity grids in order to address growing demand: renewable, intermittent, and distributed generation; green building, e-mobility and environmental pressures. Smart Grid is an integral part of this ICT transformation. But as in all transformations, there are challenges as well as opportunities. The purpose of this conference is to present the Smart Grid concept and several Smart Grid/City projects, focusing on their relative roles with respect to each other and to the overall energy eco-system. We hope this will provide insights into how grids and cities may evolve in the years to come.

  Key Words: Smart Grid, Smart city

  Language: English

  19:00-21:00p.m. 29th Apr., 2014(admission 10 minutes earlier)

  217 lecture hall, West 5 Building

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