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[Conference]Dr. Bertrand Bessagnet: Air quality management in France
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Air quality management in France

Dr. Bertrand Bessagnet is a researcher at the National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks (INERIS) which he joined in 2001 after completing a PhD in the field of atmospheric chemistry in 2000. He is an expert in particulate matter pollution and aerosol chemistry. He is now head of the Unit "Air quality modelling and environmental mapping" responsible for the development and implementation of numerical tools for monitoring and managing the quality of air. Bertrand Bessagnet contributes at the national level to the development of the Chemistry Transport Model CHIMERE, in close collaboration with the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). He participates in the management of the platform PREV'AIR, the national system for air quality forecasting in France, and regularly provides expertise to the French authorities (Ministry of Ecology in particular) for the management of episodes of particulate pollution.


INERIS (National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks) provides expertise and support to the French authorities and private bodies in the field of industrial risks. Air quality management and the assessment of the environmental policies related to air pollution are one of the main important missions of the institute.

The numerical models developed by INERIS are regularly used to evaluate emission reduction strategies in order to comply with the European and National legislations. Recently, INERIS has developed an integrated tool to simulate the effects of climate change on air quality and to provide concrete elements to policy makers on health impacts, economic and societal issues related to climate and environmental policies. INERIS has also a strong experience to manage crisis situations in the field of air quality like large wild fires, industrial accidents, volcanic eruptions; the institute can deploy a large panel of tools to provide a quick impact analysis to the public authorities.

Key Words: Environment sustainability, Air quality management

Language: French speaker, Chinese translation

19:00-20:30 p.m.5th June, 2014(admission 10 minutes earlier)

217 lecture hall, West 5 Building



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