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Representatives of ICARE visited Singyes Solar R & D base and smart micro-grid project
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  On April 21/22nd, ICARE project coordinator Didier MAYER, European dean Michel FARINE, European executive director Michel AUBLANT and assistant of European executive director Feng Man visited smart micro-grid projects in Dong’ao Island and R&D base in Guangdong Zhuhai of China Singyes Solar Technologies Holdings Limited (refer as "Singyes Solar") and had a meeting with president of Singyes College and vice president of Singyes Solar Ms. Li Wei.

  The two sides made extensive and in-depth exchange on cooperation. Michel FARINE pointed out that both sides have a high degree of understanding concerning REN development and identical vision that brings a broad space for cooperation. Didier MAYER introduced MINES ParisTech’s technology of smart micro-grid and solar energy. Michel AUBLANT introduced China-EU Green Building Think Tank status and future development goal. Vice president of Singyes Solar Li Wei expressed great interest in further cooperation, decided to discuss specific matters of cooperation.




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