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ICARE successfully held 2nd Phase of Summer Camp
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  On September 10th to 11th 2016, the second phase of ICARE summer camp was held successfully. Due to heavy rains, our summer camp has been divided into two phases, in which the first phase has successfully carried out on July 4th. More colorful than the first phase of summer camp, event organizers arranged a series of activities such as lectures, seminars, visits for campers for the second phase.

  On September 10th morning, 14 campers from across the country arrived on time with the help of volunteers, they made a brief exchange with outstanding representatives from class 2015 and 2016. At the opening ceremony of the summer camp, ICARE Chinese dean professor, Prof. Luo Xiaobing, and ICARE project coordinator, prof. Didier Mayer from Mines-Paristech, delivered speeches respectively. Prof. Luo Xiaobing warmly welcomed campers and hoped they could learn about new energy through these activities, and wished this event a great success. Prof. Didier Mayer introduced new energy development status and prospects. After the opening ceremony, Mrs. Liu Yang, head of ICARE education center, introduced recruitment situation of our institute . In the aafternoon, Prof. Hu Song, head of ICARE research center, led a visiting to new energy research institute, and explained in details of the background and development of new energy research institute. At 7:00 pm, campers gathered in room 217, carried out reporting and highly interacted. Each camper introduced himself/herself in English. Outstanding ICARE students of class 2015 and 2016 were also invited to participate in the reporting activity, they conducted exchanges with campers and made recommendations to campers.




  On September 11th 8:30 AM, Prof. Cai Shanshan from Energy and Power Engineering school did a lecture on development status of geothermal technology utilization and prospects. Subsequently, ICARE summer camp volunteer Wen Cengqiao, Li Wei, Li HanJian respectively introduced biomass, wind and solar energy. In the end, Mrs. Liu Yang granted 14 outstanding campers honorary certificates and all posed for pictures.





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