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ICARE Scientific Week: Symposium of Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide and Industrial Energy Efficiency
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  On February 24th, from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM, the 5th session of ICARE scientific week-symposium of Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide and Industrial Energy Efficiency was held in room 214. Prof. Michel Cassir from ENCP, Prof. Chakib Bouallou from Mines Paristech and Prof. Feng Guang, associate Prof. Su Sheng from School of Energy and Power Engineering were invited as jury.


  At the beginning of the symposium, Chinese and European professors made brief introductions and brief exchanges. Chen Wen, He Lihao, Hu Guang and other 2 ICARE students presented their research topics separately. ICARE French student Benteux Louis attended this symposium. Prof. Michel Cassir and Prof. Chakib Bouallou put forward their own views on the students’ experimental steps, conditions, data and model establishment, and pointed out the steps needed to be improved. Prof. Feng Guang and Su Sheng made recommendations of students’ Power point and gave advises for their further research.



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