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May you come out of life and return to your youth
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  On the morning of June 21st, 2017, HUST 2017 graduation ceremony°ree granting ceremony was held at Guanggu optical valley Stadium. A total of 28(out of 42)ICARE graduates attended the ceremony.


  During the ceremony, HUST president Mr. Ding Lieyunwishedstudents always uphold school motto, down to earth, brave the peak.


  ICARE Chinese co-dean Prof. Luo Xiaobingdelivered a speech on four wishes for the graduates: first, the pursuit of a better life time, and always keep learning, keep up with the pace of the times. Second, keep humble in life. Third, cultivate a hobby. Fourth, cherish friendship, love and don’t forget HUST. In the end, Prof.Luo Xiaobing sent a blessing to graduates:may you come out of life and return to your youth.


  In the degree granting ceremony, HUST party committee deputy secretary, vice president Mr. Ma Xiaojie, ICARE Chinese co-deanProf. Luo Xiaobing and European co-dean Prof. Michel Farine respectively granted degrees to graduates.




  ICARE vice dean&chinese executive director Mr.Yi Hui, European executive director Mr. Michel Aublant,director of research center Prof. Hu Song and all the ICARE staff attended the ceremony. This year, a total of 42 students graduated from ICARE (including 5 international students), of which 36 were granted Chinese degree, 42 were granted European degree.


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