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ICARE Chinese dean Prof. Luo Xiaobing led a delegation to visit cooperative universities in UK
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  As invited by cooperative universities, HUST postgraduate faculty director Mrs. Ma Yanlin, international exchange office director Mr. Changbo, ICARE Chinese dean Prof. Luo Xiaobing, ICARE education center director Mrs. Liu Yang, ICARE Chinese-dean’s secretary Mrs.Xie Chunhua discussed the next phase of cooperation with Oxford University and Northumbria University during July 18th _ July 22nd.


  On July 19th, the delegation visited Oxford university, where they met with the head of east Asiaregionalof International Strategic Office Mr.Ed Nash, deputy director of energy department ofInstitute for Environmental Change Mr. Philip Grunewald. The delegation listened tointroduction of Oxford University’s teaching and research resources, students training model and energy network exploration. After the introduction,the delegation met Oxford office director of employment department Mrs.Fiona Whitehouseand Dr. Rachel Ruscombe-King. Prof. Luo Xiaobing and Mrs.Liu Yang introduced the internship and cultural exchange of Oxford University interns in China. Dr. Fiona Whitehouse summed up the feedback of Oxford interns' practice in China in recent years. Both sides hoped to further improve and optimize the management of internshipson the basis of existing cooperation and seek opportunities to further expand students' two-way flow.


  On July 21st the delegation visited NorthumbriaUniversity and had a discuss with dean of school of mathematics, physics, electrical engineering and environment Mr. Richard Binns, international cooperation head of school of engineering and environmental sciences Mrs.Helen Manns, professor of school of engineering and environment&ICARE project coordinator in UK Mrs.Nicola Pearsall, ICARE flying teacherProf. Ian Forbes and Prof. GhanimPutrus on the issues of carrying out master's training, teachers assignment and scientific research cooperation. After the discussion, Prof. Nicola Pearsall led the delegation to visit campus energy-related laboratories.

  Northumbria Universityis one of our foreign cooperative universities. Within the framework of the EU funding, it sends five teachers each year to undertake the course teaching of "Solar IA / IB" and "Energy conversion and grid control".IT also accepts and support 2-3 students from ICARE to take internship in UK.


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