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2018 ICARE Celebrating New Year Party held successfully
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On the evening of Jan 6th, 2018, the ICARE Celebrating New Year Party organized by the Student’s Union took place with great success.

Around 200 people attend the Party, including ICARE Vice-Dean Mr.YI Hui, Distinguished Professor LIU Sheng of School of Energy at HUST and Dean of School of Power and Mechanical Engineering at Wuhan University, visiting Greece Professor Mathioulakis Dimitrios of School of Energy at HUST, Associate Professor JIANG Hao of School of Mechanical Engineering at HUST and Marketing Director Mrs.WANG Sisi of China Minsheng Bank Credit Card Wuhan Sub-center. The event was hosted by two ICARE students Ms. LIU Yiru and Mr. ZHANG Muyi.

The Party rolled up its curtains with a passionate opening dance, the wonderful performance of which made audience dazzling in their moves and music.

Many wonderful shows were on stage later on. The Harmonica Solo OLD BOY by TONG Changheng, Guitar show LOVE LETTER by CHEN Guoping and Accordion Solo with tango themes by Prof. MATHIOULAKIS Dimitrios let the audience immersed in the fantastic musical instrument performance. The Erhu solo LIANGLIANG performed by Ms. LI Youzi let all the listeners amazed by the magical appeal of Erhu pushing the party to another climax.
A variety of songs and dances were also presented to the audience. Teacher LI Zhitian sang a Chinese popular song while student ZHANG Muyi sang a Spanish one DESPACITO, both of which received warm applause and much praise from the audience.
A two-man comic show given by students OU Han and Nie Shuai brought lots of fun to the party and received rounds of applause.
During this party, ICARE Vice-dean Mr. YI Hui awarded prizes to the winners in “Gratitude to my unforgettable teacher” composition contest of the Institute and took photos with them.
Finally, the Student’s Union members presented a dance show MANUAL OF YOUTH. The party concluded amid music and blessing words of the hosts.

The success of this party proved that 20 days of preparation of the performers and organizers paid off. The fantastic performances showed ICARE members’ surprising talents and brought countless joy and happiness to the ICARE Family. Wishing all ICARE staff and students have good health and prosperous life in this coming year!