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Prof. Richard FU from Northumbria University visited ICARE
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    On the afternoon of December 19th, 2017, Prof. Richard FU from Northumbria University visited our Institute along with Prof.WANG Mingkui from Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics and had an exchange meeting with our Research Center Director Prof.HU Song and his assistant Mr.LI Zhitian.

    On behalf of the Institute, Prof.HU firstly extended his warm welcome to Prof.FU. Then, Prof.HU affirmed Northumbria University’s expertise on solar PV research and expressed his thanks to the great contribution of Northumbria University in ICARE’s course teaching and students’ internship guidance.

    Prof.FU highly appraised HUST’s excellence in research and teaching activities. He said that his colleagues always share positive feedback to the ICARE Institute and students so that they appreciate being involved in this program and watch closely the future development of the Institute. He mentioned that Northumbria University is willing to continue its cooperation with HUST on ICARE’s sustainable development regardless of the “Brexit” ongoing negotiation.

    In the end, Prof.HU Song and Prof. Richard FU exchanged views on how to further deepen the cooperation of two sides under ICARE’s current state. They promised to keep closer communication and continuously advance bilateral cooperation in educational and research activities.