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ICARE Exchange Students in Europe---Written by FU Shilong
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Written by FU Shilong

    After a long selection process and waiting period, I finally embarked on the study journy to PSL Research University at Paris with my four classmates last October. PSL Research University is founded in recent years by bringing togather some of franceis most prestigious academic and research institutions in a broad range. It appeared on the Times Higher Education Ranking year 2018 in 72nd place globally and is an excellent university.

    After a short period of adjustment and adaptation, we quickly started to engage in intense flow of learning. Students in our class came from all over the world. Most of them are high-quality talents and they are proficient in three or four languages. In the classroom, the teachers taught us about the status quo and the latest research progress in their respective research field. After class, students communicated with each other, constantly explored and sparked new ideas in order to solve problems.

    In PSL, most of the times, students took initiatives to check the literature and complete project reports as a team. Moreover, these projects usually came from real cases, which would greatly benefit us in our future research or industrial practice.

    In the spare time, students from ICARE would get together to taste coffee on the left bank of the Seine River, visit the Louvre Museum, Musée d’Orsay, and the Palace of Versailles, celebrate birthdays, attend the school’s Christmas Party and many more.

  There are bitter and sweet days in Paris, but life always goes on, because that’s how we grow. Special thanks are extended to ICARE for offering me the opportunity to be exchanged, and thank you all the teachers who worked so hard for us. I am grateful to all the exchanged classmates for taking care of me in Paris. At the end of this semester, we are going to start a 6-month professional internship and I wish everyone a fruitful time.