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ICARE Exchange Students in Europe--Written by Sun Ruize
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 Written by Sun Ruize

 In August of 2017, After being selected by ICARE, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to come to Paris Sciences et Lettres Research University in France for a one-year exchange study with other four students.

(Beautiful scenery outside the school building window)

  The courses we studied in PSL are an extension of our research courses. Although the majors of us who go abroad are not the same, we have chosen courses that suit our orientation. Since our professors in ICARE are all from European countries, we are well adapted to the learning model here. In addition to curriculum knowledge, we also have many opportunities to communicate with classmates from different countries. For me to understand different cultures and different attitudes towards life is very interesting.

(Professors and classmates are communicating and discussing in the classroom)

(I am going a presentation after the courses)

  In the end of most of the courses, in addition to the exams, many professors will ask for a presentation to exchange the information of their own projects with other students. Teamwork here is very important. How to integrate anyone's opinions and work together to solve a problem is a process that I am learning continuously.

  Paris is built on both side of Seine River, the scenery is pleasant. at the same time it is also recognized as the cultural capital of the world, A large number of scientific institutions, research centers, libraries, museums, cinemas, theaters, concert halls are distributed in every corner of the city. besides to learning, we had the chance to visit the museums and parks in Paris.

(five of us go to visit Versailles)

  After the six-month course was over, everyone began to find their own internships for the next six months. I will go to the laboratories of the IMT Mines Albi-Carmaux. I will cherish this opportunity and live up to my parents’ expectations, my Chinese teachers and European professors. I promise study hard here and return back to China with a lot of gains.