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ICARE Exchange Students in Europe--Written by You Cong
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  It has been more than four months since I came to Paris. Time flies so this period of time is even more precious to me. I am grateful for the opportunity given by the school. It allows me to enjoy a different but special time in my life. I remember when I walked out of the Charles de Gaulle airport, although it was a cloudy morning, The cool air just swept away all the fatigue of the long night flying. Unfamiliar cities, strange streets and crowds, everything is curious and unknown to me.

  The course started after the second day of coming here. Because of the visa process we missed some courses, so I felt stressful at the beginning. McDonald's and sandwiches became main food during the first few days. Delayed courses need to be slowly made up. And there were a lot projects and exercises. Therefore, each day appears to be full and busy. However, with the accompany of close friends, you can feel warm and relieved all the time.

  Here comes the first weekend, we began to explore this old city. Walking along the Seine bank and all the ways to the Eiffel Tower, with flying pigeons, warm sunshine, clear blue sky, everything is different from our life before. We visited the Notre Dame de Paris, Military Museum, and the Pantheon which carries the souls and bodies of countless great people. Everything was carefully guarded and recorded. It became a mirror of reality and the future.

  Of course, the main theme of studying abroad is still learning. In China maybe we are afraid to ask questions or interrupt teachers. However, things are totally different here. Everyone can interrupt the professor and present their own idea. Even though most of these questions seem simple, we still need to improve in this aspect. The courses here may not be as compact as in China, but each course will have a lot of exercises and projects based on real and practical cases. When these tasks are completed, we will improve our comprehensive capabilities in all aspects, From how to analyze problems to how to allocate tasks that can enable the work to be completed with maximum efficiency, the ability to solve problems, and the ability to summarize reports and display results. All these capabilities are extremely relevant and important in our scientific life or work in the future.

  In the process of interacting with classmates from different countries and cultural backgrounds, My vision became broad and began to understand the diversity and inclusiveness of this world. Everyone and everything is a unique existing. Maybe by trying to understand and embrace differences with others, The world will become more harmonious and stable.

  There are clear river and blue sky, nice friends and teachers from all over the world.. Each day is a new beginning and a wonderful exploration. Finally, Thanks to the opportunity and platform provided by HUST and ICARE to allow us see a larger world outside, We will try our best to finish the study and make everyday meaningful.

  In the end I want share some pictures I shot here about the beautiful views and our daily life.