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Studying in Europe: A Glimpse of ICARE Students in Europe by CHEN Wen
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    In May, the brilliant colorful flowers begin to bloom. With a desire of in-depth exploration of many unknown knowledge, we three embarked on the land of United Kingdom and started our journey of internship. The college in which we would have the internship is Northumbria University in the beautiful Newcastle upon Tyne. Northumbria University is one of the largest universities in United Kingdom and enjoys good reputation in its excellent teaching quality. The university was founded in 1870 and formerly known as Rutherford College of Technology. It was renamed into Newcastle College of Technology and was combined with other colleges to form a university in 1992. Gathering of a large number of students infuses vigor and vitality into the university and fills the city with friendly atmosphere.

    My internship project is about prediction of solar output power. At the beginning, I only have superficial knowledge of it. However, under guidance of Professor Nicola, Director of the School of Environment and Engineering, I can eventually build the simulation model that meeting the requirements on error. I have learnt a lot in this process. In the busy laboratory, the students from all countries are very serious, dedicated and working hard. During the rest, we were also happy with communication and exchange, which greatly improved our ability to speak English.


     During the extracurricular time, we took a tour to different cities, climbed the mountains, watched the sunset on the top of Carlton Hill, listening to Edinburgh's ancient story-telling by the wind and let ourselves be impressed by the incredible blue water of the Whitby Sea.


    I indulge in the soft waves of Cambridge and tasted Hsu Chih-mo's Saying Goodbye to Cambridge Again; stroll comfortably at the bustling bankside of River Thames in the evening. In this country, the royal family lived in harmony with civilians, the ancient castles and tall buildings add radiance and beauty to each other, the traditional culture and modern technology complement each other and the fierce football match and the theatrical performance of the literature set each other off. This is United Kingdom.


    At the moment of leaving, I am grateful to the teachers and friends here for their care and help. I would extend my most thanks to China-EU Institute for Clean and Renewable Energy at Huazhong University of Science & Technology (ICARE) for providing us with this opportunity to study and exchange abroad, broaden our horizon. This will be an unforgettable part of my life.