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ICARE Exchange Students in Europe--Written by LI Hanjian
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Article by: Li Hanjian

It's hard to imagine that a rugged and big juvenile will go to France, a county known for its romance for internship and visit Nice, a tourist attraction in South of France which is full of sunshine, beaches and sea breezes.


Life in France over the past few months is just like the bistro by the sea in Juan Les Pins where we live, like the blue sea wave dispelling the vigilance gradually, like the soft sandy beach wrapping the loneliness, like the clean dining table filled with delicious food and like the golden champagne showing happiness of the world.



I came to France with my beloved. We have eagerly explored the exquisiteness of different towns in South of France and have been deeply shocked by the beauty of snow and ice in the snow-capped mountains of Alps. However, my favorite thing is to walk in the sandy beach with my beloved hand in hand after dinner, tread the water and play with sand.



The laboratory work is independent, complicated but wonderful. I'm a student of engineering major, so I'm very curious about everything in the laboratory and excited about the unknown things concerned with the research subject. I was taught by the teacher step by step at the very beginning. Then I gradually learned to design the rack, experiment, test and even the article structure. Imperceptibly, I have grown to be a researcher from a student and developed the research work into a career.


During the period, I have to get up early to catch the faster bus to the college. We would greet each other with "Bonjour" when getting on bus and say "Merci, au revoir" to each other when getting off the bus. We have to climb up the hillside to get to the office and we would greet everyone met in the research institution. We would set a deadline for each task and carefully prepare the reports to be submitted.


We'd like to show our sincere thanks to the teachers, school and institute for such opportunity. And we are showing the image of "ICARE, HUST, China" with our behaviors.


My journey of overseas study in France makes me learn a lot!