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ICARE Exchange Students in Europe--Written by LIAO Huanyue
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Photo and article by: Liao Huanyue

Edited by: Kou Fangling

In September 2016, 4 schoolmates and I won the opportunities to go to Paris, France for a one-year study trip in Europe after rounds of contests. We studied in École Polytechnique, the well-known cradle of engineers in France, in our first semester. The Teaching building of the School is located nearby a lake where you can admire a pleasant landscape.


We select the courses based on our research orientation after a period of life adaptation and French learning. The teachers always guide us to understand the latest developments concerning our majors in simple terms. Our classmates come from all over the world and we usually work together to finish the course tasks in groups. Our teachers also invite many engineers in the enterprises to share the development of the industry for us as much as possible.


In addition to study of related theories, we have some experimental courses on wind and solar energy.


In the project management courses, we are required to make analysis of the existing renewable energy projects. And my classmates and I were lucky enough to come to Amsterdam, Netherlands to communicate directly with the Project Manager of GEMINI, the largest offshore wind farm in Europe.


There are abundant club activities and cutting-edge lectures at the extracurricular time and many enterprises display their latest products at the school.


After study for 6 months, we reluctantly bid farewell to one another and started our internship respectively.


During my internship, I chose to study the smart grid in the PERSÉE lab of MINES ParisTech in Paris, France. My supervisor Prof. Andrea attaches great importance to the scientific research training of students. I gradually learned how to complete and deepen the topic when discussing with him repeatedly. Apart from this, my Chinese Co-supervisor Prof. Wang also offered me invaluable guidance on the thesis writing. I hope that I can make some achievement during the internship and return to China with fruitful results, to live up to the inculcation of ICARE teachers and the expectations of my parents!