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ICARE Exchange Students in Europe--Written by LIU Wei
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Photo and article by: Liu Wei

Edited by: Kou Fangling

Paris is one of the most important political and cultural centers in the world. It is one of the four cosmopolises alongside with Tokyo in Japan, New York in U.S. and London in the U.K. The École Polytechnique, also known as 'X' in France, is the school that hosts the exchange project "Renewable Energy Science & Technology" (REST for short). Located in a small town in the Paris suburb, it has beautiful scenery. It is here where we start our one-year study abroad.


After arriving in Paris in early September, I successfully completed the registration, purchase of social insurance for students and other admission procedures with the help of enthusiastic teachers in the college. After that, I'm going to start the course learning. The teachers here adopt various teaching models. Apart from knowledge teaching, they focus on cultivating the students' interests in active learning and application of curriculum knowledge in practical engineering projects.


In November, to learn the large project management experience, I went to Amsterdam, Netherlands together with several team members to learn from the Project Manager of the biggest offshore wind farm project in Europe. The Project Manager warmly received us.


Besides course learning and project practice, there are rich and abundant extra-curricular activities in the college, such as election of management of students' association, welcoming receptions and large job fairs, etc. which enrich the daily life of teachers and students in the college greatly.


In February, the course learning for 6 months ended and internship for 6 months started. We bid farewell to each other and began our internship respectively.