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ICARE Exchange Students in Europe--Written by LIU Yan
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In May 2017, after a series of selection and competition, our three-member team came to the Northumbria University in U.K. for a four-month internship. The Northumbria University is located in Newcastle, the political, commercial and cultural center in northern England. The rich nightlife makes Newcastle one of the eight entertainment cities in the world.


As soon as we arrived in the U.K., we started our own projects. I followed my supervisor Prof. Ian Forbes to study the preparation methods and performance of thin film solar cells, i.e. Cu2ZnSn (S, Se) 4. With the guidance of Dr. Samantha and Dr. Mehrnoush, I made full use of favorable conditions of the laboratory, adopted the magnetron sputtering method, spraying method, spin-coating method and other methods to prepare the thin-film absorption layer and made some progress in my research work and gained extension knowledge.


Apart from learning, the cultural customs in different area of U.K. also increase our knowledge and broaden our horizons. The scientific research will make us become more rational and focus more on logical thinking, and travel can make us become more sensuous and know how to enjoy life better.




You can appreciate the charming scenery abroad. Besides, you may enjoy the companionship of friends. They always try their best to help and support us in both life and study that encouraged me overcoming the numerous difficulties encountered and making self-break even though I was in a foreign county.


Thanks to the support of the school and guidance of the teachers that have made me who I am today.. You will be pleased to realize that there is a broad array of possibilities for the future after going abroad.