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ICARE Exchange Students in Europe--Written by LIU Yifan
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Photo and article by: Liu Yifan

Edited by: Kou Fangling

In September 2016, I came to study in Europe where I had long been yearning for with another four classmates from ICARE Institute


We have quickly settled into the study and life in École Polytechnique after learning French for a period of time at the beginning of September. École Polytechnique, founded in 1794, is an prominent engineering school in France. It is regarded as the peak of the French elite education mode. Here we have learned New Energy Technology, Energy Storage Technology, Engineering Management and some other courses.


Through the investigation of energy market, several classmates and I were fortunately given a chance to visit Gemini Wind Farm in Amsterdam, Netherlands for  the field study of its project management. This visiting trip had promoted our friendship with French students and deepened our understanding of the operation of large enterprises.


In March, I started a 6-month internship at the Energy Efficiency Laboratory at MINES ParisTech. During this period, I was mainly responsible for big data analysis and energy demand simulation. I believe that after one year of studying abroad, my resume will be enriched and my life will be more colorful.


Here, I would like to thank the Institute for providing me with the opportunity. I also hope that ICARE will become better and better, leading more students to broaden their horizons, learn advanced technology, and contribute to the new energy sector of China.