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ICARE Exchange Students in Europe--Written by SANG Ce
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In May 2017, I was honored to get a chance to go to Northumbria University at Newcastle, Britain for four-month internship and exchange upon application.

After a short period of adaptation, I gradually started the life in the research group. The teacher guided me carefully; he not only taught me knowledge, but also guided me to take the initiative to learn; he often poses questions, and gives me some time to think. What’s more, the teacher made a series of internship plans for me, and the internship process went very smooth thanks to the complete facilities of the school.


As it should be, when you come to Britain, you must experience the local life and culture. I first became acquainted with England from the football culture and film culture. From Manchester to Liverpool, and from the Beatles to Holmes, in my free time, I will go out for a trip, walking on the road traveled by the idols and feeling every bit of Britain.


Of course, Oxford and Cambridge, the top universities in Britain, cannot be missed.


Oxford is simple and impressive, and dignified and practical; Cambridge is flexible and active, and artistic and fresh.


Although four months will soon be over, every memory here will be a precious treasure in my life, and I can enjoy the benefit all my life.

I would like to thank the Institute for providing me with the opportunity, and I believe the Institute will lead more students to know the outside world, and broaden their horizons; and I'm grateful for the guidance of my supervisor Prof. Forbes, who taught me a lot during the internship.

I believe the future of ICARE will be better and better!