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George in Your Eyes
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   In the solicitation of essay on gratitude to the teachers organized by ICARE, many students are profoundly impressed by teacher Geroge from Greece. Students cannot only learn happily the knowledge in the class but can also have rich extra-curricular  with him. Then what George looks like in the essays of students?
   Student Chen Danyan said in her essay “Gratitude to Teachers and Grateful for You” like this: “how lucky we are to receive all-English teaching which enables us to get to know many outstanding foreign teachers and exchange with teachers from various different countries. The most unforgettable teacher is George who was humorous in teaching and patiently in answering questions posed by students during extra-curricular hours. Teacher George always thought he did not deliver the best lectures to us due to his insufficient oral language proficiency and felt sorry about that, although we all thought he had done a good job. I would never forget that I was caught by a panic after I found out one month after the wind energy exam that I forgot to hand over the answer sheet. I still clearly remember that it was after 11:00 p.m. and I was about to go to bed. Suddenly I found my answer sheet which was mixed in a pile of scratch paper. I was wide awake. With help of my friends, I calmed down, found the E-mail of George and truthfully and sincerely explained the situation and expressed my sorry to him. After that, I sent the scanned copy of my answer sheet to him. I spent a long hard night and got the reply from George early in the next morning. “No worries. I will take it into consideration”. At that moment, I felt George is the best and most considerate teacher in the world. It was him who let me understand that I should always treat my work with a sense of humility so that I can make continuous progress; that I should always study meticulously so as to reduce the mistakes; that I should always be grateful for the life so that I can feel the ssimple happiness in daily life.”
   Student Li Hao described his story with George in the essay “The Story between George and Me about Basketball” like this: “our friendship began with an encounter on the basketball court. It was the first time for me to play basketball with a foreigner and also the first time for me to talk with a foreigner in English. I felt excited. George played basketball very well, especially his accurate three-point shot. If the schedule allows, George would appear on the basketball court every day after the supper. However, happy time always flied over and his course ended. We agreed to have the last basketball game before he left. We only played one hour but we were both happy. We took a photo for memory and George said he would come to China once again the March of next year. I thought this is the best arrangement that basketball had ever done for me. At that night, I sent an E-mail to George to wish him a good trip and hope to see him again in the next year. Thank the basketball, it brought a precious friendship to me and gave me a good memory. Thank ICARE, it let me make the first foreign friend, George who loves playing basketball.”
   Students Liu Jiawei and Lei Yuling described George in their essay “George in our Memory” like this: “I was impressed by teacher George who taught us wind energy. I heard that he is tall and handsome. I did not think so. How handsome would a professor be? When I meet George, I was surprised that he is indeed handsome. What’s more, he is charming, tall, easygoing and amiable, looks young but delivered clear and easy-to-understand lectures. Students who learned from the European teachers know that it would be an arduous work to understand the blackboard-writing some times. However, George wrote the formulas very clearly so that students can easily understand them. I was profoundly impressed by his words in the project. When you ask a question, he would not answer all the questions. If he thought your questions are too simple to answer, he would say in a slightly joking tone: You are an engineer; You need to calculate and think independently rather than ask anyone else; At that time, everything is unknown, you will decide something other people can’t tell you. He would repeat the sentence ‘you are an engineer’ until the class ends. I will never forget this sentence and I believe that other students will never forget, either.”
   Student Tong Changheng said that in the last years of the Three Kingdoms, Zhong Hui, a general of Wei, defeated Shu. Zhong Hui tortured officials of Shu and asked their opinions of Zhuge Liang. The officials said that when the premier held the office, they did not find anything different; now the premier passed away, they found out that no one can be a match to him. Student Tong Changheng thought this is also applicable to teacher George. His symbolic smile is imprinted in everyone's heart, and humorous teaching moves are much more memorable than important formulas. He carefully explained every knowledge point with Greek accent -English. I still remember the sweats on his head when he instructing the manufacturing of fan blades to us. Because we could not understand the principles of air-driven fan, he took three fan models to the class and demonstrated it carefully to us while continuously wiping the sweats. Now and then, he would joke which relaxed us. George is known for his humor and none of our teachers after that is a match to him in this aspect. At this moment, we realized how precious the wind energy class is. Cherish when you have it and don’t regret after missing it. This is probably the biggest lesson George taught me. Thank him and thank the solicitation of essay on gratitude to teachers amid the fifth anniversary of ICARE. The first thing I thought of was him.
   Student Ye Qian wrote in his essay “Retrospection on Teachers” like this: “George comes from Greece and is very humorous and also one of the teachers mostly welcomed by the students. This is not only because of his good teaching but also because of the friendly relationship between him and us. He would play basketball with us every weekend and his three-point shot was amazing. After ends of the course, we kept contact through E-mail.”
   Student Zhang Yanying wrote in the essay “Gratitude to Teachers” like this: “although I can catch the meaning of the lessons, I was not bold enough to communicate with the teacher. I remember that one time, I explained a question to the students and I asked whether I can speak Chinese for my English was poor. He said yes but also expressed that I had better speak English, for it would benefit me. It took me too long to explain the question due to my poor English. But he did not show any sign of impatience. Instead, he encouraged me. It made me feel that it was not so horrible to communicate with European teachers. I always love the teachers who can encourage me and help me grow. I think that this kind of teacher is the best teacher.”