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Kick-Off of Class 2016 students EU thesis defense
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On November 17, 2018, the first European thesis defense of the 2016 students was held in Room 210 of the West 5 Building. The respondent was Mr. SUN Hao, a student from ICARE. Professor Mr. Dimitrios Mathioulakis from the National Technical University of Athens, Associate Professor Mr. Li Xuemin from the School of Energy and Power Engineering, and Dr. Mr. Wu Peng from the New Energy Department, attended the defense as three jury members. The secretary was served by Mr. Zhang Pu, a PhD from the School of Energy and Power Engineering, with a few ICARE students from Class 2016 also attended.

Firstly, SUN made a PPT presentation entitled Experimental Investigation of a Rectangular Wing Behavior Elastically Mounted in a Subsonic Wind Tunnel, concerning the experimental research performed 4-month internship program in Europe this year. Subsequently, SUN answered the questions raised by the jury members.Finally after the discussion of the defense committee, SUN successfully passed the EU thesis defense. Professor Mathioulakis, Chairman of the defence committee, read the results and congratulated SUN.

After the defense meeting, the jury members gave a high evaluation to SUN’s presentation. Professor Mathioulakis said: “Speaking fluently English, being diligent and fast responsive, he joined in the preparation of a work which we published in an international scientific journal and also to do an excellent job during his internship in the Aerodynamics Laboratory at NTUA, in Greece. I am sure he will have a successful career as an engineer."

Dr. Wu Peng said that SUN’s thesis submitted to the defense committee has not obvious grammar mistakes. It is complete in structure and the logic of each part is clear and reasonable. In particular, sufficient literature research has been done and it is well organized. In addition, SUN made a comprehensive preparation for the thesis defense and successfully answered the questions raised by the jury members.

According to current statistics, a total of 93 students in 2016 class have the qualification to apply for the EU master degree. In the next few months, ICARE will organize the EU thesis defense meetings based on the students' preparation and review progress of the thesis.