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You, Take Us to Witness
Source: Release:2018-11-23 11:23:56 Writer:Liu Jiandong Hits:

You, Take Us to Witness

Always conscientiously giving lectures on the podium

You lead us to view this fragile world ridden with crises

Untiringly teaching and guiding us, you are not only our teacher, but also our friend

You guide us to listen to new energy singing the songs of triumph

Turned into electricity and coexisting with the night

Photons travel 140 million kilometers and embrace silicon

On the vast earth, impellers rumble

Even the wildest wind cannot escape the Betz limit

Whether it is a long-time observation in a cornfield or the effort of scavenging through waste in a city

Everything on the earth will get its due sooner or later

The world is changing all the time

The enthusiasm in the roof of the world is ready to burst out

Aiming high, we unite as one.

ICARE witnesses the convergence of the forces of innovation

Your students around the world are grateful

We are determined to use our knowledge to defend this blue planet

Correspondent: Liu Jiandong