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A Thankful Message to My Teachers
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A Thankful Message to My Teachers

--- ICARE Class 1702 Lu Chen

Deciduous leaves are circling in the air composing a moving piece of music; it is a big tree expressing its gratitude to thesoil nourishing it.

White clouds are drifting in the blue sky drawing touching pictures; it is these white clouds being thankful to the blue sky feeding them.

I have joined ICARE for more than three months. The internal platform, unique education mode and first-class teachers have left profound impression on me. Although I just studied here for a short time, I will always remember the profound friendship between teachers and students.  

I still remember that I had too many questions when studying the course solar fundamentals for I am not majored in solar energy. No matter how many times have I read the lecturing notes, I still did not catch many points of the course. So I went to the office of Professor MAYER to ask for help when the course was about to end. At the beginning, I only wanted to get clear of the points that I did not understand during the classroom learning. But when I was about to leave, Professor MAYER was very kind to ask me whether I have any other questions, for he noted that I marked many “?” on my notes. I replied and told him all points about which I had questions. Professor MAYER patiently answered my questions until dark. The whole process lasted for about two hours and Professor MAYER missed his supper time. He did not only clearly explain every point to me, but also taught me much extra-curricular knowledge. Since my English is not good enough, I did not catch many terminologies. So Professor MAYER gave many vivid examples to help me understand. I still remember some of the examples such as “stepping on the gas” and “whistle”. I learned later that Professor MAYER had to return to France in the next day. He could have answered only one of my questions, but he unselfishly answered all my questions.

I want to thank teacher Peng Xiaosheng. It is lucky for me to learn with Teacher Peng. Teacher Peng did not only teach me the scientific research methods, but also cultivated my serious and down-to-earth working attitude. He often taught me that I had to be meticulous and refined in order to excel at my work. With help of Teacher Peng, my scientific research ability was greatly improved in a very short time. No matter how busy he was, he often spared time to learn about my scientific research progress and discussed with me about the problems that I encountered. He always timely informed me of the good learning opportunities, such as academician lectures and themed reports and so on. He also found opportunities to take me to learn and exchange with others, with an aim to broaden my horizon and improve my general quality.

I want to thank all Chinese and foreign tutors who have made selfless contributions to ICARE. It is their diligent work which leads to the achievements of ICARE. You have broken down geographical constraints and overcome language barriers to train a large number of excellent students. It is because of you that encourage us to forge ahead; it is because of you that ICARE will develop better!