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To George
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To George
Whenever I saw a wind turbine's blades rotating
I would think of you
And that day
When you came to the podium
Your tall upright figure
Seems to bring with it a refreshing breeze from the remote sea
To the south of the Balkan Peninsula
Your eyes are as deep as the Aegean Sea
Exuding warmth like sunshine
In your attractive voice
Conscientiously and patiently
You were gesticulating at a small wind turbine model
While explaining with an English accent
Blade, hub, engine compartment
Angle of attack, pitch angle, tip speed ratio
variable-speed pitch-regulated, fixed-speed pitch-regulated
and stall
And when your deep eyes
Met our confused looks
You would stop
To encourage us with a warm smile
And patiently explain again
Even though it was only 14 days of study with you
It was very rewarding and pleasant
We are again far distance apart
Yet your voice, your smile
Will forever linger in our mind
May your life be full of sunshine