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You and I
Source: Release:2018-11-30 10:09:38 Writer:Li Hanjian, Chi Huanying, and Liu Qicong Hits:

You and I

A shared wish for the very best to Prof. Christian Beauger and Prof. Laurrent Fulcheri from 

students Li Hanjian, Chi Huanying, and Liu Qicong!

The cursor stays still, thoughts overwhelm me

You taught me to protect myself, from which I've benefited a lot

You encouraged me to be braver, I surprised you in a big way as a result

You greeted me in French, I used sign language to bring out my arguments

You said you had only 30 minutes to talk, I stretched it to 45 minutes

You invited me to your home, there I ended up consuming a lot of carrots

Your French came out occasionally at meetings, my Chinese slipped out when giving reports

You don't even like cheese, how could you eat everything uncooked?


Upon departure

Can we still be colleagues? It will be very expensive for me to come back again

I want to try some Chinese food, I kind of like Baguette

You've done an excellent job, you provided great guidance

I will go to China, I will treat you to a fancy meal


Take care

Take care

Outside the window

The Mediterranean blends into a vast expanse of azure, the sunlight wraps the land under Yujia Hill in a golden color

You and I

Facing the sea, facing the hill

Make a promise

That you will be safe and sound, and I will forge ahead with my goals despite all the difficulties


Do you still smile with warmth?

Is what I wrote clear to you?

In fact

There is so much I want to say

But English fails me

So I have to end here