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"ICARE" — My Beloved One
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"ICARE" — My Beloved One

——In commemoration of the fifth anniversary of China-EU Institute for Clean And Renewable Energy at Huazhong University of Science & Technology (ICARE)

Wang Lichuan, Class 1602, ICARE

What kind of luck can make two strangers to meet, even it is just a glance. The glance at China-EU Institute for Clean and Renewable Energy at Huazhong University of Science & Technology on some day in September of 2015 is how the unexpected story between her and me begins. It takes about half a year for me to win her heart since the date on which I am falling in love with her. During that half year, I had been watched all her moves and expressions and had been trying hard to transform me to the one she likes with extraordinary determination and courage.

On August 3, 2016 in the lunar calendar, I was finally adopted by ICARE. It is based in West Building No.5., with a fine, cozy and tranquil environment, surrounded by Chinese parasol, wild cherry, camphor tree, wintersweet and other plants which flourish to form a harmonious landscape. Walking there, appreciating the scenery formed by red and golden leafs of late autumn in the free and inclusive academic atmosphere, I will always be immersed in the leisure and joyful moment. And the evergreen arbors distinguish themselves from other places which is bleak and colorless with bare trees.

Except for the fabulous natural environment, the most exciting thing about ICARE is the foreign teachers from all over the world. Compared with their Chinese counterparts who are always serious and dignified, they are more unstrained and free-spirited, but are rigorous and earnest at the same time.One of my favorite teachers is Professor Pandeli from University of Florence in Italy who delivers geothermal energy course to us. Wearing a mediterranean white curve hair, he looks much like the Agasa Hiroshi in Detective Conan, and is hence called by us as Professor "Hershel Agasa". He appears to be 60 or so. Though having already reached the retirement age, he remains to be so energetic, optimistic and passionate about life that we youngsters are not compared to him.He is such an amiable and lovely person that it appears to us that he always wears a smile. And every time when we see him, a warm and intimate feeling generates in us. As a westerner, Professor "Hershel Agasa" is not very tall. He is nimble and swift. With a steady step, he is always full of vim and vigor while standing on the platform. His laughter achieves comic effect and can always strike a chord in others. It's not exaggerating to compare his laughter to that of Stephen Chow, which is a reflection of his naivete and innocence and the wisdom which grows only with age. With the Italian characteristic of hospitality and free spirit, he is always patient enough to explain the knowledge points which we have difficulty in understanding over and over again. When feeling tired, he will jump gently onto the rectangle table on the platform in a steady manner, with one hand putting on the table, his body leaning slightly and his knees bent. Then he will continue patiently and carefully answering our questions with his legs which are intertwined in the airs swaying gently. Such an "unrestrained" behavior is not allowed in traditional Chinese education. However, this kind of trait of him is just the reason why we like him. We like the free and relaxed study atmosphere. Except for the profound knowledge and unique and attractive personality, we admire him for his passion about Chinese culture. Whenever he visits China, he will always spare his time for a Chinese landscape and culture experiencing trip. He is especially fascinated by places in which "stone" is an indispensable element, such as Zhangjiajie, Jiuzhaigou and Suzhou garden and is always willing to exchange with us after coming back. Once, when giving us the advanced geothermal energy lesson in the second semester, he highly praised Chinese development by saying: “Chinese developments are so fast. You are really great!” while describing his traveling experience in Suzhou in high spirit. How come such a free-spirited and earnest "Peter Pan" not loved by us?

Except for professor "Pandeli", there are a number of foreign teachers with various styles coming from different European countries (including France, England, Spain and Italy), including Professor George (wind energy lecturer) deeply worried about Greek debt, score killer Professor Mayer (solar energy lecturer), stylish beauty professor Jolanta (energy storage equipment lecturer) and maid harvester Doctor Alessandro (geothermal energy lecturer). In the one and a half years when I was studying in ICARE, I had not only been instructed by first-class teachers from all over the world but also established intimate and solid relationships with my classmates, including international students such as Chris from Nigeria, Sean from Turkmenistan, Samy from Cameroon, Joseph from Haiti and Lorena from Brazil. I would like to take this opportunity of the upcoming fifth anniversary of the establishment of the ICARE to express my gratitude to ICARE for providing such a good platform for us to study and grow up. Thank you so much ICARE——my beloved one!

A poem composed by me is attached at the end of the text, to extend my congratulations to the fifth anniversary of the establishment of ICARE. Wish ICARE a better future!

Seven-word Verse • A Praise to ICARE

The world welcomes the establishment of ICARE, dedicated to an even brighter 

energy future.

New diplomatic relations under the Xi–Li Administration, an opportunity for the

 Sino-Euro partnership deepening.

Through 5 years' painstaking and unremitting efforts, the talent exchange has 

achieved outstanding results.

Travel amid difficulties with original intention unchanged, for the fulfillment of 

beautiful Chinese Dream.