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A Visit to the Headquarters of ILO by ICARE Winter Camp HUSTGGSD Team
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On the afternoon of November 30th9:00 am in Genevaof 2018, the international organization survey team of Association for Global Governance and Sustainable Development at Huazhong University of Science and Technology ("HUSTGGSD" for short) arrived at the headquarters of  International Labour Organization ("ILO" for short) in Geneva, Switzerland, and took a meeting on green employment and internships in the United Nations with ILO. Notes: Next year will be the 100th anniversary of the establishment of ILO. Being the first specialized agency of the United Nations (UN), ILO shoulders the mission of safeguarding global labor rights and upholding justice for them. By establishing flexible international labor standards and using the “tripartite mechanism”, ILO has facilitated peaceful dialogues and communication between workers, employers and governments with an aim to create more job opportunities for workers.

Before the meeting, Mr. Liu Xu, a P5 officer of the Enterprises Department of ILO, and Ms. Xiongyang Haoyue, from the JPO project team, gave ICARE team a warm reception. Mr.Liu Xu first talked about the three commonalities of international organizations: first, the establishment of international standards; second, the provision of technical assistance; and third, professional research in related fields. Then he elaborated on ILO's four core standards: freedom of association;  elimination of child labor; elimination of forced labor; and elimination of employment discrimination. These standards are designed to achieve the "decent work" goal. Ms. Liang Yuanyuan, instructor of HUSTGGSD, expressed her hope that that through the event, students can get the first-hand knowledge of importance of work of international organizations, so that they may feel driven to participate in global governance and align their personal career choices with national development and the destiny of the entire humanity.

Later, the session which students were most interested in began. It is about ILO's internship programs and JPO project. Ms. Sylvie Layous and Mihoko Ito, officers of Human Resources Department introduced relevant internships to the survey team and answered the questions that students had when applying for the internships. In this way, ICARE team at the meeting learned more about employment standards and interview procedures for related projects. Moreover, students' active participation also left a good impression on the staff present at the meeting.

Last, in order to gain a deeper understanding of ILO's role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, Ms. Roman Camilla of the Green Job Department talked about how to create jobs facilitating the continuously environmental protection and restoration in agriculture, manufacturing, research and development, management, and services. Wang Lichuan, who has chosen a green job, shared his experiences when he worked at Envision Energy. Other student representatives also asked questions about the projects and training courses that could be carried out.