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ICARE Winter Camp Team Visited CES Laboratory in Paris
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In the morning of November 29th, 2018, ICARE winter camp team, led by Professor Alain THOREL, ICARE Project coordinator, and Ms. Kou Fangling, assistant to the director of  ICARE Administration Center, went to the Center for Energy Efficiency of Systems Laboratory (CES) in Paris for exchange. The team were received by Dr. Rodirgo RIVERA, research assistant of CES Laboratory.

Dr. Rodirgo RIVERA first gave a brief introduction to the profile, research direction and achievements of CES Laboratory. He introduced that CES Laboratory now has five research teams with more than 70 members, signed about 100 project contracts every year and concentrated on research of urban sustainable development architecture, low-carbon treatment, low-emission vehicles, energy storage technology, efficiency industry and energy policies and so on.

Dr. Rodirgo RIVERA then explained the research to improve carbon dioxide capture and energy efficiency. Students asked questions one by one and discussed the market operation, safety and challenges of hydrogen-powered new energy vehicles. After that, Dr. Rodirgo RIVERA and Professor Alain THOREL showed the experimental platform and equipment of CES Laboratory and briefly introduced the principles and application of various kinds of experimental equipment.

At the end of the visit, the students were lucky to meet Wang Cong and Pei Long 2 alumni of ICARE Class 12 and currently pursuing the PhD degree in CES laboratory. After exchange with these two alumni, students learned about the process of applying for studying a PhD degree in France and the related issues.

CES Laboratory is under the Faculty of Energy and Industrial Processes of MINES Paris Tech (École nationale supérieure des mines de Paris). The research center of Dr. Rodirgo RIVERA is dedicated to improving the carbon dioxide capture and energy efficiency and its complete conversion into biopolymers and biomaterials; adopting new components to reduce the process energy consumption and improve the competitiveness; jointly establishing the demonstration facilities in Paris with SETEC Environment, Polytechnique Montreal and KTH of Sweden.


Huang Tianyue:  CES Laboratory does not only focus on the amount of emission reduction brought about the carbon capture technology but also pays much attention to the recycling and re-use of the captured carbon. Dr. Rodirgo Rivera of CES Laboratory also compares the laboratory to his own playground. For me, in addition to different cultivation mode, the enthusiasm of research fellows that received us also greatly inspired me.

Zhou Zhenxin: CES Laboratory of MINES Paris Tech has given me a lot of insight. They are very advanced in their research on energy efficiency, carbon dioxide capture and energy policy. In particular, the research on future clean traffic vehicles benefited me a lot.

Kou Fangling: in the very early morning of November 29th , we saw Professor Alain waiting for us at the gate of MINES Paris Tech. From the time when he knew that we were going to the camp in Paris, Professor Alain had been carefully arranging and coordinating the event and following our movement. It was already lunchtime in Paris after we visited the laboratory and returned, Professor Alain escorted us to the recommended Chinese restaurant and rushed to next meeting. We were all touched and expressed that Alain was such a warm man.