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“Your Talent ICARE” New Year's Party was Held Successfully
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At 7 o’clock in the evening on January 5th 2019, the "Gathering ICARE, Your Talent ICARE New Year's Party" caught a lot of attention and finally unveiled its mystery. Mr. Yi Hui, ICARE deputy dean, Prof. Shao Jing’ai, Ms. Liu Yang, director of ICARE education center, student consutant Ms. Liang Yuanyuan and other teachers participated in the event. Greek expert Professor Dimitrios Mathioulakis and his wife, French teacher Vincent LEMARIE and Frederic HENRY were also invited to join us in celebrating the arrival of the New Year.

Among the cheers and appeals, the ICARE girls team finally went on stage and set the place alight with a graceful performance. That amazing dance was following by enthusiastic applause and ovation from the public.

The enthusiasm of the audience was lasting when the hosts Cheng Ruihuan, Zhang Fujing, Tang Peiyuan and Jiang Wenqian announced the program!

Are you guys ready? We will know give you a look at today’s special dishes!!

The guitar boy MA sijie playing “lixiangsanxun” and ZHANG Muyi’s “Loving strangers”

Orchestra – “A Laugh from the Sea” by LI Youzi, ZHANg Hui and LI Aojie

Professor Dimitrios Mathioulakis,Alberto Erspamer and ZHOU Wen playing “ta pcdia kato ston kampo” and “Ta Pedia kato ston kampo”

Great vocal performance from ZHAO Weiqi and XIE Yutong when they sang “Later –houlai”

Here LI Aojie, XIAO Run and LI Wenchao singing “onion”

A choral from the ICARE group stars singing a French song “Le Papillon”

A sketch from the ICARE group stars performing “those things at ICARE”

Poem reciting from the ICARE group stars “My youth, my Country”

ICARE teachers team “Dancing in ICARE”
ICARE boys team “Produce 217”

In addition to enjoying the wonderful programs, the indulgent game is also an indispensable part of the party. The audience present are excited and eager to participate in the live game, expecting to harvest the "accident" happiness, which may be love or heavy prize!

Let us congratulate the five students who have performed well in French course.

Group photo.