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ICARE English Corner, Close to English Communication
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On November 10th 2018, the long-awaited ICARE English Corner took place at 7 pm in the West building. Shehabsalem from Egypt and his roommate as well as Jib from Brunei all took part in this event along with ICARE Chinese students. Jiang Haoxie and Xiao Guiyu led this activity while Tang Peiyuan was the host of the evening.

The students were divided into five groups and each of them had to win as many points as they could. The first game was based on the “you draw, I guess”. Students used all parts of their bodies to imitate the word they were assigned, leading to plenty of weird and funny positions that brought a lot of laughs. During the break, Shehabsalem introduced Egypt and its customs and he also explained the cultural differences between China and Egypt. During the free talk activity that took place soon afterwards, everybody chatted and sometimes made use of their body language or dictionaries to talk for half an hour. Finally, the English corner ended with some presentations: a group of students sang a child’s song, Shehabsalem sang Egypt’s national anthem and Jib gave an explanation on Ramadan.



The whole event lasted two and a half hours. The English Corner is rich in many ways; students took actively part in the activity in a very enthusiastic atmosphere. It has not only greatly increased the friendship between foreign and Chinese students, but also provided a good platform to establish mutual understanding between them, built a communication bridge and enhanced the sense of integration of international students.