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ICARE held Year 2019 Internship Abroad Mobilization Meeting
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On the afternoon of March 25th 2019,  year 2019 internship abroad mobilization meeting was held in Room 210. Ms. Liu Yang director of ICARE education center, and Ms. Liang Yuanyuan ICARE student adviser, attended the meeting with 22 students who are going to Europe for a 4-6 months short term internship.

In the meeting, Ms. Liu Yang encouraged students to devote themselves to scientific research, be ambitious in innovation, and create new achievements. Ms. Liang Yuanyuan made requests and suggestions to the students. Ms. Tan Yaling, assistant director of education center sorted out the process of internship abroad. Ms. Kou Fangling, assistant  to director of administrative center hoped that students can share their internship experiences on ICARE media platform. Ms. Wu Nan, Finance staff of ICARE administrative center answered questions about plane ticket purchases and college funding. In the end, They answered questions of students’ individualized problems.

The 4-6 months internship is a long-term special project of ICARE. It not only enriches students' knowledge and view, but also further maintains a good cooperative relationship with foreign partner universities.