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Professor Assaad Zoughaib from MINES Paristech visited ICARE for Academic Exchange
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At 7:00 pm on May 11th, 2019, Prof. Assaad Zoughaib from MINES Paristech gave an academic lecture entitled “systematic exergy driven methodology for high energy efficiency -Demonstration on industrial application in ICARE. ICARE Research Center Director Prof. Hu Song, Education Center Director Ms. Liu Yang, and Assistant to Research Center Director Mr. Li Zhitian participated in this event.


Professor Assaad Zoughaib first explained the characteristics of traditional industrial models, pointing out that the recycling of waste heat has a significant effect on improving the energy efficiency of a system through the analysis of exergy. He explained that waste heat recycling can be implemented by using regenerative heat or heat pump devices, and then based on the latter, he then explained ways to improve energy efficiency and save operating costs of an indoor air conditioning system, a refrigeration system and an industrial LNG preparation system. Finally, he proposed an industrial design scheme in which multiple systems connected in series recover waste heat, transferring heat from one system to another, constituting a closed loop, thus maximizing energy utilization efficiency, stressing that the exergy analysis methodology has good guiding significance and broad application prospects in Industrial system structure optimization.


Professor Assaad answered a question related to the applicability and economics of the exergy analysis methodology on renewable energy-related systems, he affirmed the good applicability of the exergy-driven analysis methodology in the renewable energy systems and cited examples to illustrate his point. Prof. Hu Song and Ms. Liu Yang asked Professor Assaad if there are ways that the graduate students can clarify unclear scientific research objects. Professor Assaad used his own student's example to show that only the ones with both feet on the ground can find their own direction they are going to.