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ICARE held class 2019 opening ceremony
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ICARE class 2019 (ATHENS) opening ceremony was held on September 1st in ICARE building. ICARE Chinese Dean Prof. LUO Xiaobing, ICARE European Dean Prof. Michel FARINE, Visiting Prof. Dimitrios MATHIOULAKIS, Director of Education Center Ms. Liu Yang, student adviser Ms. Liang Yuanyuan and other ICARE staff attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Class 2018 student Mr. Wang Dongxu.

Prof. LUO Xiaobing welcomed new students with a warm speech. He introduced ICARE’s development history, schooling advantages, training methods, internship, exchanges, and curriculum models, encouraged them to develop all aspects of their ability in the next three years, especially the ability to solve problems independently, properly handle the relationship between the curriculum and scientific research, and the Chinese and European tutors, He wished ICARE students to achieve better results in ICARE.

Prof. Michel FARINE, first congratulate the students to enter such a challenging and high level curriculum. He then introduced the European way of teaching, he encouraged students to ask more questions and communicate with European professors actively and to think more by themselves on all the challenges world is now facing. He stressed that ICARE institute has to be thought by the student as an open window on Europe S&T know-how. Prof. Dimitrios MATHIOULAKIS welcomed new students and hoped that they would study hard and get double degrees.

The outstanding student representative of ICARE class 2018 Mr. Ma Sijie shared his learning experience. He gave the new students three suggestions: 1. Use electronic materials as soon as possible. 2. Increase interaction in class. 3. Preview and review are essential. He encouraged students to participate in the students work, which gives them an opportunity to exercise themselves and serve others. ICARE Class 2019 representative Ms. Zhao Yiting expressed the honor to be a member of the institute and the expectation of future study.

Finally, all the teachers and students took a group photo.