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ICARE students won the National First Prize in the Aircraft Competition
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On July 21st 2019, ICARE class 2017 students Ms. Yang Jinhui and Ms. Ba Cailing won the first prize in the national finals of the 5th “Flying Shark Cup” China Graduate Future flight vehicle Innovation Competition on behalf of ICARE.

A total of 508 teams participated in the competition, and 124 teams entered the finals. All the finalists responded to the finals at the Xiang'an Campus of Xiamen University on July 20th. After the fierce competition, the ICARE team stood out in the finals and won the national first prize.

Their work name is “A fast charging uav based on hydrogen and oxygen fuel cell——Hydrogen Bird”, which was guided by Associate Professor Zheng Jianguo from the School of Aerospace Engineering HUST, School Party Committee and ICARE supported and participated in the whole process. The “hydrogen bird” drone designed in this project can effectively solve the problem of short lifetime and poor maneuverability of electric drones. The design of new catalysts in fuel cells can also greatly reduce the cost of fuel cells, Making the large-scale commercialization of fuel cells in the drone market possible.

This design is in line with the China's policy guidelines for the development of general aviation and application of clean and environmental friendly energy. It is highly feasible and is expected to make electric drones occupy a larger market share.