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Impression on Europe--Cheng Danyan
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At this time when writing the summary, I am on the flight from Spain to Wuhan. The reason why I write it on the end of the internship is that I wish to record my feelings when I am filled with the richest emotions. The four-month internship passed in an instant. Looking back, it is a wonderful experience beyond my expectation.

I still remember what happened in the first month upon my arrival. At that time, I was confronted with unprecedented challenges and difficulties. As the copyright of my computer software expires, I, desperate then, turned to my classmates in China and my Spanish tutor for help. They had worked out all kinds of solutions for me and I had downloaded 6 software, each with a size of around 2G, within one week. It is always not easy to familiarize with and adapt to a new environment. Luckily, I had such a nice and hospitable tutor, which facilitates our communication. I had thought that my poor English would be a big barrier for me in the internship. However, after chatting cheerfully with my tutor, I found that I managed to understand him when he was instructing me on the experiment. I indeed had difficulty in understanding some terms when first hearing them. But with the accumulation of knowledge and the help of picture, text and gesture, we could finally understand each other.


For the following months, I had been engaged in conducting experiments. Unlike Chinese teachers, teachers there will teach you how to conduct experiment in person patiently until you can make it by yourself, which surprises me. When instructing them, they also give students much freedom. Intensive efforts were made by us in conducting experiments, which lasted from morning till dark for three months. It was usually the case that we stayed in the lab until 6:00 pm when the teacher told us it's time to leave (labs in Spain closes at around 5:30 pm and students are not allowed to conduct experiment alone till too late). It seemed that things didn't go as smooth as we had imagined in the lab. It once occurred that the machine broke down. After solving all such difficulties, including the computer software problem by myself, I felt a sense of accomplishment and was filled with greater confidence.

We had, of course, visited the surrounding cities and countries in our spare time, to learn their local traditions and customs. I still remember what the teacher told us when we entered the lab the first day: "I don't want you to work all the time. You should have your own lives. Besides study, you have to learn the culture and lifestyle here, which is even more important." So the teachers supported us very well each time we go outside.


The biggest improvement in the four months except for learning and communication skills and oral English is my mindset. I find that, in the process of solving all kinds of difficulties occurring one after another, I could manage to calm myself down, to find a solution, instead of getting desperate as I was at the very beginning, which is the most precious thing for me. All the following things have impressed me deeply: the affections between us and our relatives and friends, which are deepened when we are at abroad; the loneliness brought by the time difference to us at night; introducing Chinese high-speed rail for an hour to a German in our office; the relation between enterprises and government; the affection which we found to take deep root in our hearts after the introduction and of targeted poverty alleviation and other policies; inconvenience brought about by the sole payment method of cash; indignation at the frequently-occurred Hongkong problem etc.

At last, I'd like to extend my gratitude to my tutor Javier, a boy-like man easy to get along with and a father of three children, for the instruction and help he had offered to me when I was performing experiment. My gratitude also goes to David, the first Spanish friend of us who had drove us home and seen us off when we were leaving. I would also like to thank the Chinese friends I have made in Spain. The "Avalon" time I spend with you on weekend is the happiest moments for me. Finally, my gratitude goes to ICARE for the strong support it offered to us in the internship and teachers in ICARE for the assistance provided by them in solving all kinds of problems for us. There is so much I want to and can talk about. The words, no matter how much, are no compare to experience. So I hope our junior schoolmates can take the opportunity to go on a study trip to foreign countries. It won't fail you!