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Impression on Europe--Wang Yifan
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I was the last of the six persons to arrive in Athens for an internship. When I had dragged two large suitcases and got out of the subway, I couldn’t get a taxi, so I decided to walk to my department. However, the 1.2km is much longer than I expected, and my clothes were wet with sweat on the way. When I had stopped at the roadside to call for help, a middle-aged Greek man drove by and rolled down the window, asking “do you need help?” in fluent English. (Comparing with other foreign people who don’t want to speak English or can’t speak English well, Greeks speak English fluently, I appreciate that) I was stunned for a moment and replied with smile, “I am trying to walk to my apartment.” The man got off, saying “come on, get in the car, I will take you there.” I was a little surprised at first and wondered if I had heard it wrong. But the man looked so sincerely, so I put the suitcases at the trunk and took the passenger seat, showing him the way.

After a day off, I went to NTUA to register. I, together with Zhang Yuchao, Xie Jiayun and Zhang Yuan, sat in a big office of Fluid Department, and Doctor Prof. Bouris was in a laboratory. This university has a 132-year history. Walking in the campus, you can hear your own steps; as far as you can see, the building walls are covered with graffiti, adding a little cultural atmosphere.

Instructor George is very kind to us. He talked to me about the internship program-- offshore wind energy potential assessment the first day I arrived, and told me to e-mail him if I had any question. Later he took us to the wind farm to study in the field so that we could use what we learned in Wind Technology to practice. We reaped abundant fruits.

Besides study, we went to Acropolis, the center of Athens and experienced the features of Greece, an Olympic country. Built along with Parthenon Temple, Acropolis features all simple white architectures. There are no high-rise buildings. Not as modern as Chinese ones, this city seems to bring you back to the Middle Ages.


During the internship in Greece, I learned a lot, drawing aspiration in academic exchanges, widening my horizon, becoming independent after living alone, and mostly importantly deepening my love for my motherland after living abroad.