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Impression on Europe--Zhang Yuan
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With the help of all teachers in ICARE, my instructor Ye Jianjun in China and Mathioulakis Dimitris in Europe, I started the four-month exchange in Greece. The school I studied is National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). As one of the European institutions cooperating with our university, NTUA is the oldest and most prestigious institution of higher education in Greece, with its campus located in the center of Athens. Among our partner institutions in Paris, Italy and Greece I visited last year under the guidance of Teacher Kou from our college, NTUA impressed me greatly. At that time, I sincerely expected that I could exchange and study here. Under the help of my college and through my hardworking, the dream finally comes true.

On May 10, 2019, I started the journey alone. Looking at Wuhan away, I felt a sense of departure! At noon of May 11, the plane flied over blue Aegean Sea before landing. I felt perturbed and excited that I would start my study and life here in the next four months. As time goes by, my life is regular, and I also adapt to the food, accommodation and weather here and get well along with people. Now, I turn on the computer to record my feeling from the start.

Here is the first group photo with my fellows who also take an internship in Greece. We celebrate our reunion abroad and the beginning of a new journey.


In this new environment, we met friends from different countries and experienced cultural differences. Although some Greeks I met on the street, in the market or restaurants may not speak English, friendliness knows no boundaries. Even if we couldn’t communicate, I felt goodness and warmness from a smile or some gestures.

The time in the laboratory is also unforgettable. The senior fellows in the laboratory are lovely, humorous and talkative. We greet with each other every day and chat at lunch. They are warmhearted and answer me various questions about scientific research patiently. If they were not sure about the answer, they would help contact other people in relevant fields. I appreciate I meet these lovely friends here.

During the internship, I was lucky to visit the wind farm on the hill with local students, and I also visited in tower and central control room. I had only been to the onshore and intertidal wind farm in China before. It was the first time that I visited a wind farm on the hill. Required to station here for a long time, maintainers got suntanned. They introduced the parameters and operation status of wind models in the field in detail and their work to us patiently and humbly. From what they said, I could feel their precision-oriented attitude and love for their work, which is what I admire.


I studied with Gliolas Dimitris, a doctoral student of Professor Mathioulakis. I followed him to design experiment, inspect loophole, make experience and solve emergent problems and finally complete experiments. Gliolas helped me a lot in experiment and data processing. I always ask him some simple questions if I met some fields with which I was not familiar, but he was very friendly and explained them patiently several times.


Having a holiday about ten days in August, I took a tour around Athens, feeling the charm of Aegean Sea and Santorini. We can’t talk about living abroad without mentioning local foods. I had meals in the canteen on weekdays. The foods here are different from what we have at home. On weekends, I would go to the market with my roommate to pick up some food materials and made three meals for myself. Thank you very much for my lovely roommate Chef Xie, who makes my cooking improve by leaps and bounds. 10EE5



Writer: Zhang YuanThe four-month internship is drawing to a close. I know that it’s a rare opportunity for me to study abroad during my master’s degree. I’m grateful for this opportunity to meet different people and appreciate diverse sceneries and foods and learn about cultural differences. I would like to thank our college for providing this open platform, my teachers for early help and guidance and care during the internship, and my instructors for supporting me, especially my instructors in China who understood and helped me when I had difficulties at work. Finally, I hope that I can be more practical, diligent and rigorous in the future, and make both the college and myself satisfied before the end of the postgraduate years. I also hope that I can live up to the cultivation of the college and teachers in my future work and become an ICARE student recognized in the industry.

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