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Impression on Europe--Yi Zijun
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In May 2019, I was honored to have a four-month exchange at Northumbria University in Newcastle, the UK.

My research field is solar cells. Northumbria University in the UK focuses on the research on well-prepared copper-zinc-tin-sulfur solar cells.


After we entered the lab, Prof. Ian helped us to get familiar with all kinds of instruments and medicines, and showed us the operation process of various instruments. Through the guidance of Mr.Ian, we mainly carried out ball milling experiments on raw materials, prepared precursor solutions, prepared light absorption layers by different preparation methods (spin coating method, spray coating method), and used a tube furnace for vulcanization experiments


My spare-time life is also colorful. As we all know, British food is awful. Because I was not used to eating British food, I generally would cook by myself. My cooking skills improved a lot in the UK. In addition to studying their own research fields, international students coming to the UK would study a minor subject, the New East Chef. Occasionally, I would travel during weekend. I have been to London, York, Cambridge and other cities, to increase my knowledge and broaden my horizons. During the sightseeing, I saw some photovoltaic buildings, on which solar cell panels were used to supply power. That let me feel that the development of new energy is an inevitable trend in the future.