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Impression on Europe--Sun Shitong
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Newcastle is located in the northeast of England, where temperatures are relatively low. At the beginning of the internship, everyone escaped the heat of Wuhan, but fell into the storm of Newcastle, and sometimes shivered from the cold. However, in August and September, Newcastle is sunny and suitable for outings. The British also love to bask in the sun. Whenever the sun shines, Newcastle's lawn is filled with people lying or sitting (like the NPC that pops out in the game). In our spare time, we would also bring fruits and snacks to the lawn, enjoying pleasant sunshine.

The locals advocate a balance between work and life. Therefore, there is not too much task and work pressure during the internship, and the relationship between teachers and students is relatively equal. Dr. Marzband, the European tutor who was in charge of our internship, treated the classmates with kindness and developed the internship project and plan based on my research field. During the internship, he also paid attention to my study progress and answered my questions in time. Several emails and discussion notes have witnessed the collision of our thoughts.


There are many bank holidays in the UK. We would naturally use this opportunity to visit the surrounding cities. Each of these cities has its own charm, but what remains unchanged is its British flavor. Thanks to the internship activities conducted by the Institute in Europe, we have learned about Europe's advanced new energy technologies, broadened our horizons and enriched our life experience.