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HUST and European Partner Universities discussions on ICARE Institute Future
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On December 3rd, Prof. Chen Gang Director of HUST Undergraduate Education Office, Prof. Luo Xiaobing ICARE Chinese Dean, and Mr. Lyu Guangdong Director of ICARE Finance Center, accompanied by Prof. Alain THOREL ICARE Project Coordinator, and Prof. Michel FARINE ICARE European Dean, had a meeting with Mrs. Minh-Hà PHAM, Vice President of PSL for International Affairs, Prof. Jérôme ADNOT, Dean of Education of MINES ParisTech, and other officers. After briefly introducing the situation of their respective institution, the two sides had discussions on future cooperation mode of ICARE.


On December 5th and 9th 2019, HUST delegation together with Prof. Alain THOREL and Prof. Michel FARINE went to the University of Zaragoza (Spain) and the University of Florence (Italy) to discuss with European partners on on how to better match the needs under the new cooperation mode.