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ICARE has been established with approval of the Ministry of Education in March 2012. It is now enrolling academic master candidates of 2013.

ICARE is the third Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run school initiated and founded by Chinese government and European Commission after China Europe International Business School and China-EU School of Law. Nine key universities and one institution from six countries participate in and support the running of this institute, including Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Paris Institute of Technology, National Technical University of Athens, University of Zaragoza, University of Northumbria, University of Rome, University of Perpignan, Southeast University, Wuhan University of Technology, and International Water Resources Firm. What makes ICARE different is as follows: it owns excellent teachers enjoying high academic reputation in the field of clean and renewable energy from nine key Chinese and foreign universities and one international institution; it aims at training senior professional talents in the field of clean and renewable energy for whom the country is demanding urgently by providing high-grade courses, practice bases, and research conditions; it possesses sufficient scholarship reserves to avoid the situation where applicants are rejected only due to lack of the tuition.

1. Enrollment Plan

1.1 ICARE Double Master’s Program is part of Master Candidate Enrollment Plan of HUST in 2013; it intends to enroll 150 master candidates for academic double master’s degrees through examination and recommendation.

1.2 ICARE is not planning to enroll master candidates in the range of minority backbone candidates in 2013.

For detailed information of Double Master’s Program, please refer to Announcement on ICARE Website, the link of which is


2. Training Methods

2.1 Educational System

"Flexible educational system based on two years" is provided for master candidates. European master educational system is four semesters (two consecutive academic years), while Chinese one is six semesters (three consecutive academic years). The six semesters of Chinese master educational system covers the four semesters of European one.

2.2 Specialty Direction

The institute focuses on five technical fields namely solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy, and energy efficiency to train talents and develops new fields for talents training according to the development of energy in the future and demands of talents in energy area.

2.3 Teaching Methods and Language

Double-supervisor system is provided in this institute, namely one Chinese supervisor and one European supervisor. The institute has flexible selection and employment mechanism of supervisors and takes full advantage of the first-class teacher resources of HUST and other nine cooperative universities. The amount of supervisors in ICARE is 256, among which the amount of supervisors from Europe is 58.

The curriculum for masters is divided into general curriculum and professional curriculum. The general curriculum is taught in Chinese and the professional one is taught in English.

For related curriculum setting and credits, please refer to Curriculum Setting on ICARE Website, the link of which is

2.4 Degree Conferment

ICARE sets up the Double Master’s Program combining both Master of Engineering of China and Master of Engineering of Europe (hereinafter referred to as Double Master’s Program for short). The Master of Engineering of China to be conferred is the master degree of new energy science and technology of HUST; and The Master of Engineering of Europe to be conferred is the engineering master degree on clean and renewable energy of energy specialty (science and engineering discipline) of Paris Institute of Technology.

3. Application Requirements

3.1 Students Recommended in Chinese Mainland

Students applying for admission without examination by recommendation should submit the application according to Enrollment Handbook for Master Candidates of HUST in 2013 and Admission Instruction for Students Recommended by Other Universities for Master Degree and Students Straightly for Doctor’s Degree of HUST in 2013. Detailed information will be released by postgraduate school of HUST. Reference website is


3.2 Students Selected by Examination in Chinese Mainland

It is implemented according to Enrollment Handbook for Master Candidates of HUST in 2013. Reference website is


3.3 International Applicants and Applicants of Macao, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

International applicants are enrolled according to relevant provisions on admission of foreign students of HUST (Administrative Rules on the Acceptance of Foreign Students by Colleges and Universities). Reference website is


4. Admission Criteria

An assessment will be conduct over applicants after their admission exam results, ideological and political performance, and professional competence are reviewed and the best will be selected. The admission criteria are as follows:

1) Applicant’ academic performance in university;

2) Total score gained by applicant in admission examination (including admission test score and interview score);

3) Equality between men and women, but women will enjoy a priority when applicants are with the same conditions;

4) English proficiency should meet the demand for learning in ICARE;

5) For international applicants, the multiplex geographic and cultural backgrounds will be concerned; and

6) For applicants of Macao, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, pleases refer to relevant regulations of HUST and the People’s Republic of China.

Before admission, students will receive physical reexamination, and the one not meeting the standards of physical examination for admission of colleges and universities will be disqualified.

5. Tuition & Fees

The tuition of ICARE will be charged completely according to related existing regulations of HUST.

6. Financial Aid

Applicants will not be rejected by ICARE merely due to lack of tuition. At present, ICARE implements overall subvention system for academic masters in accordance with the existing provisions of HUST. Subvention system for academic masters includes academic scholarships, academic grants, individual scholarships, hardship allowance, and national student loans. The proportion of students who get financial aid exceeds 90 of the total amount, among which more than 60% of applicants will get full scholarships. ICARE will sponsor part of students to European labs, institutions or international enterprises for study and practice lasting no less than four months as well as exchange training of doctors lasting more than one year.

Applicants are not allowed to submit false or misleading application; otherwise, ICARE will cancel the financial aid for applicants and claim settlement. In case the applicant is temporarily absent from school or transferred from ICARE in the year of receiving the scholarship, ICARE will reserve the right to cancel the scholarship.

7. Subjects of Examination and Reference Books

The subjects of national examination are politics, English, Mathematics, and New Energy Basis is self-proposition subject. The reference book of New Energy Basis is New Energy Technology, Huang Suyi etc., China Electric Power Press, August 2011.

8. Contact Us

Tel: 027-87559713( Mrs Liu Yang)

QQ: 148070136

E-mail: ceicare@126.com icare@hust.edu.cn

Website: http://icare.hust.edu.cn/

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