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Written by Lianying SHAN

  In October 2017, After many rounds of selection and under the help of our college, I was honored to be a member of the internship group for France and come to PSL (Paris Sciences & Lettres) Research University to study.

  Our courses are mainly taught at Mines Paris-Tech, Chimie Paris-Tech and ENS Paris. Mines Paris-Tech is near the Luxembourg Park. There are some avenues with the huge Platanus on both sides and fountains, which form a beautiful scenery. The park once was one of the palaces for emperor and now it is used by the French Senate.

  Here we meet classmates from all over the world. They are cordial and warm. We experience the culture and characteristics of different countries. At the same time, we also meet a lot of enthusiastic and responsible teachers. They are glad to answer us various questions  patiently explaining the parts which are more difficult to understand. We also saw the teachers who had given us classes in ICARE before.

  During this period of study, I had the opportunity to continuously improve my knowledge. It is time to do my internship and I hope I could find a suitable one to learn more. Thanks to this opportunity provided by the college, I would continue to move forward.