• Hydro & Eng. Storage
    Conghui Tang  Name: Conghui Tang Title: Professor, Principle Investigator Institute: School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, HUST Research field: Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier E-mail: ctang@hust.edu.cn Web: https://www.thetanglab.com/

    Xin Guo  Name: Xin Guo Title: Professor Institute: School of Energy and Power Engineering Research field: Hydrogen energy, biomass energy, energy efficiency E-mail: guoxin@mail.hust.edu.cn

    Qing Li  Name: Qing Li Title: Professor Institute: School of Materials Science and Engineering Research field:Hydrogen energy E-mail: qing_li@hust.edu.cn Web:  http://echem.mat.hust.edu.cn/

    Yonggang Yao   Name: Yonggang Yao Title: Professor Institute: School of Materials Science and Engineering Research field: Hydrogen fuel cells and clean energy vehiclesE-mail: yaoyg@hust.edu.cn Web:  http://faculty.hust.edu.cn/YAOYONGGANG/en/index.htmOther: WISCO 205

    LIU Zonghao  Name: LIU ZonghaoTitle: Associare ProfessorWuhan National Laboratory for OptoelectronicsResearch field: perovskite solar cells Email: liuzonghao@hust.edu.cnhttp://faculty.hust.edu.cn/liuzonghao/zh_CN/index.htm

    XU Yishu  Name: XU Yishu Title: lecturer Institute: School of Energy and Power Engineering Research field: Hydrogen power system,New alternative energy E-mail: xuyishu@hust.edu.cn Web: http://faculty.hust.edu.cn/XuYishu/zh_CN/index.htm

    Tanyuan Wang  Name: Tanyuan Wang Title: Associate Professor Institute: School of Materials Science and Engineering Research field:Hydrogen energy E-mail: wangty@hust.edu.cn Web:  http://faculty.hust.edu.cn/WangTanyuan/

    LI Xiaoshan  Name: LI Xiaoshan Title: lecturer Institute: School of Energy and Power Engineering Research field: Energy storage technology E-mail: lxs0721@hust.edu.cn

    WANG Deli   Name: WANG Deli Title: Professor Institute: School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Research field:Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells E-mail: wangdl81125@hust.edu.cnPersonal Web:  http://faculty.hust.edu.cn/wangdeli/zh_CN/index.htmGroup Web: http://deli.chem.hust.edu.cn/

    TU Zhengkai  Name: TU ZhengkaiTitle: professorResearch field:Fuel Cell; Hydrogen Production; Energy StorageE-mail: tzklq@hust.edu.cnWeb: http://energy.hust.edu.cn/info/1129/4807.htm

    Kaifu HUOName:Kaifu HUOTitle: ProfessorResearch field and teaching course:Electrochemical energy storage (including lithium (sodium)-ion batteries, Supercapacitors, Lithium-sulfur batteries and Flexible batteries)E-mail:kfhuo@hust.edu.cnPersonal home page:http://faculty.hust.edu.cn/huokaifu/zh_CN/index.ht

    Zhangcan YangName:Zhangcan YangTitle: Associate ProfessorResearch field and teaching course:Hydrogen energy, hydrogen permeation barrier, hydrogen interaction with metalsE-mail:yang_zhangcan@hust.edu.cnPersonal home page:http://faculty.hust.edu.cn/yangzhangcan/zh_CN/index.htmhttp://numat.energy.hust.edu.cn

    Peng WuName:Peng WuTitle:LectureResearch field and teaching course:capacitive mixing to collect blue energy, reverse electrodialysis for desalination, supercapacitor for energy storageE-mail:pengwu@hust.edu.c

    Wang ChundongWang ChundongAssociate Professor​Graphene two-dimensional nanomaterials can control preparation and performance control; electrochemical energy storage materials and devices; semiconductor material surface and interface邮箱:apcdwang@mail.hust.edu.c

    Jianjun Ye Jianjun YeAssociate ProfessorResearch Interests: High Efficiency Utilization of the Low Grade Wind EnergyHydrogen Flow Behaviors and Performances in Hydrogen Energy Applications Email:hustyjj@163.comHomepage: http://energy.hust.edu.cn/info/1121/3721.ht

    Limin Guo       Name:Limin GuoTitle:ProfessorResearch field and teaching course:Adsorbents/catalysts synthesis; CO2 catalytic conversion into value-added chemicals; Proton exchange membrane fuel cellE-mail:lmguo@hust.edu.cnPersonal home page:http://ese.hust.edu.cn/info/1215/2477.ht

    SUN YongmingSUN Yongming   Professor, Ph.D supervisor   Room 401, D District, Wuhan photoelectric National Research Center, HUST   Research Field: New energy storage battery materials (lithium ion battery, lithium metal battery, sodium ion battery, etc.)            E-mail:yongmingsun@hust.edu.cn           Resume: http://www.wnlo.cn/index.php?id=589

    LI SongLI Song Associate Professor, Ph.D supervisor Department of new energy, Department of Energy and Power Engineering,HUST Research Field: development of energy storage materials key materials for new energy sources storage and separation of energy and gas development of high performance filtration and purification materials E-mail: songli@hust.edu.cn (or lisonging@gmail.com)

    Sandrine Berthon-FabrySandrine Berthon-Fabry Professor GROUPE DES ECOLES DES MINES ​ Research Field and Teaching Course: Chemical electricity; lithium battery research E-mail:sandrine.berthon-fabry@mines-paristech.fr

    Johnny DESCHAMPSJohnny DESCHAMPS lecture École Nationale Supérieure deTechniques Avancées(ENSTA)Research Field and Teaching Course: Thermodynamics, Physical Chemistry, Solution Interactions, Nanochemistry, Energy, Fluorinated Compounds, Ionic Liquids, Liquid Crystals, Mesoporous Materials, Gas Hydrates, Hydrogen Energy; Hydrogen Storage and Storage E-mail:ohnny.deschamps@ensta-paristech.fr

    Jolanta SWIATOWSKAJolanta SWIATOWSKA Associate Researcher École nationale supérieure de chimie de Paris(ENSCP ) Research Field and Teaching Course:Electrochemistry, Corrosion Research, Surface and Interface Science, Energy Conversion and Storage (Lithium-Ion Batteries); Hydrogen Energy and Storage E-mail:jolanta-swiatowska@chimie-paristech.fr

    Michel VALDELIEVREMichel VALDELIEVRE Professor and consultant Total Professor Association Research Field and Teaching Course:Petroleum refining; fossil fuels; industrial energy E-mail:valdelievremichel@yahoo.fr

    Gillian LACEYGillian LACEY PhD University of Northumbria Research Field : Battery Energy; Power Engine E-mail:gillian.lacey@northumbria.ac.uk

    HUANG YunhuiHUANG Yunhui Research Field and Teaching Course: Lithium Ion Battery E-mail:huangyh@mail.hust.edu.cn

    LI JianLI Jian Professor HUST, Materials science Research Field and Teaching Course: Fuel cell ​E-mail:lijian@mail.hust.edu.cn

    Alain THORELAlain THOREL (Alain Thorel) Phd Institut Mines-Télécom Research & Teaching Field: Materials Engineering, Engineering Physic E-mail:alain.therol@mines-paristech.fr

    Christian BEAUGERChristian BEAUGER (Christian Beauger) Associate Professor MINES-ParisTech Research & Teaching Field: Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, Nanomaterials for Energy & Hydrogen Storage E-mail:christian.beauger@mines-paristech.fr

    Elieen TORTORAElieen TORTORA (Elieen Tortora) Research assistant Sapienza University of Rome - Centre for Sustainable Development Research Field and Teaching Course: Time Dependent Model Development for Efficient High Temperature Fuel Cell Simulation for Marine Propulsion E-mail:elieen.tortora@uniroma1.it

    LI XiLI Xi Professor Research Field and Teaching Course: Engineering Thermal Physics of Fuel Cells, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells E-mail:lixi@hust.edu.cn

    HU XianluoHU Xianluo ​Research Field and Teaching Course: Fuel Cells, Electrochemical Energy Storage Materials and Devices E-mail:huxl@mail.hust.edu.cn

    PU JianPU Jian Research Field and Teaching Course: Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) key materials, cell preparation, stack manufacturing and system integration; functional ceramic materials research and development; high-strength steel thermoforming technology E-mail:pujian@mail.hust.edu.cn E-mail:pujian@mail.hust.edu.c...