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Graduates of ICARE Participated in 2016 Graduation Ceremony& Degree Granting Ceremony
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  On the morning of June 23, 2016, Huazhong University of Science and Technology 2016 Graduation Ceremony & Degree Granting Ceremony was held at the Optical Valley Stadium. 40 Chinese students, 5 international students from Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, Costa Rica and Eritrea attended the graduation ceremony. Official of EU delegation in China, Ms. JADY WANG, attaché for university cooperation Dr. Eric MOLAY and official of higher education Ms. Li Dan of French consulate general in Wuhan, Chinese Co-dean Prof. LUO Xiaobing,EU Co-Dean Prof. Michel FARINE, ICARE project coordinator Prof. Didier Mayer, Professor Huang Shuhong, former Chinese co-Dean, and several EU professors attended the ceremony.

  After 3 years of co-support of China and EU, efforts of ICARE professors and students, class 2016 students successfully graduated.

  The ceremony began at 9 o’clock with Vice-President of HUST Prof. Luo Qingming announcing the decision of degree granting and then HUST party deputy secretary Mr. MA Jianbo announcing the decision on recognition of 2016 outstanding graduates and recognition of 2016 graduates work in western rural area , basic level and national key institutions. President of HUST, Prof. DING Lieyun hoped that graduates will pursuit excellence and sent his best wishes to graduates..

  Degree granting ceremony was held after the graduation ceremony. President Prof. DING Lieyun, Chinese co-dean Prof. Luo Xiaobing and ICARE project coordinator Prof. Didier Mayermoved tassels and awarded both diplomas. They took pictures with all graduates in front of Guanggu Stadium.











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